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About Us


The Sanguine family is A passionate group of people from different backgrounds with one common aim which is to provide a unique and innovative product, that aids and promotes positive mental health. This a team where everybody’s voice counts, and although there are set roles everybody put two hands on the wheel.


Our Humble Beginnings.


Our origins are in murder mystery events. Sending packs of cards and information sheets out to customers, together with a themed script. These were great fun events and very popular with social events such as family parties, sports teams and social clubs. The corporate market embraced these events as team building and team bonding exercises with great success. These type of events fuel the fascination of the crime drama genre.

The Script Engine is Born.

March 2020

Our first foray into a new approach to our murder mystery events. The emergence of the global pandemic heralded a new approach to our mystery events. A new immersive interactive online platform was developed to bring the drama of participative events into the safe environment of your home, whilst not compromising on people interaction and game involvement and effect.

Professional Compère Join The Party

November 2020

Professional actors were recruited to to deliver the ultimate online experience. The merging of the “Master of Ceremonies” concept with our scripted Murder Mystery event ensures a fully managed streamlined event for all to enjoy. After all whodunnit style mysteries challenge the brain and we all like to think we are clever enough to work out the solution. We are realising that a great new service in mind-play is unfolding before our eyes.

Transition to Full Mental Health Stimulating Plays. Phase Two Expansion.

July 2021

Our early experience with our new dynamic plays that employed live video, media, sounds and imagery provoked such a positive state of mind that we took a new path, helping people improve their mindset. We now actively seek partnerships to promote mental wellbeing and sponsor charitable trusts to deliver help to those who have the greatest needs to maintain mental wellbeing.

Be a part of it …

The Present

We now offer a range of games to suit the needs of our customers. This could be for you and your friends and family, hen and stag nights, playing for fun and to stay connected. We also offer a host of options for companies and their teams; our unique platform enables the whole team to play our live hosted strategy games. The games are perfect for team bonding, lateral thinking, networking events and recruitment insight tools. We can also offer Mental Health First Aid Training combined with our virtual team building and strategy focused games. Delivered to meet the needs of your teams and business.


Passionate:  All members of our team have experienced or experience Mental Ill Health, we get it, we live it and we understand it. We want our games to be more than just a product. They are a vehicle for improving and enhancing individuals and teams wellbeing.
Committed: Whether you are playing one of our games on your own, or as part of an organisation we are here to ensure you have the most enjoyable, memorable experience. Our journey does not end there and if you need support or help around Mental Health, we understand, we are available to talk, educate and signpost.

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Lynne - Impact Group
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I genuinely loved it! It was nice to see how we all fit together as a team.
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I really enjoyed the storyline and truly believe these virtual game nights will bring joy to a lot of people around the world
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The game is extremely fun, I loved the experience and I think it is a great way to stay in touch with friends and have a great time, especially in this situation.
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A little out of my ordinary but my did I have fun with The Sanguine Writing House mystery. "Donald. Where's Your Trousers!". The other participants in the zoom mystery were amazing, funny & so welcoming. I guessed the culprit!
GN - Resound
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It's a great way of getting people online together to play

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