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The UK’s Premier Provider of virtual
and in person games.
The UK’s Premier Provider of
virtual and in person games.


Our mobile mystery and puzzle games with live crime scenes can be taken into any venue or workplace. All that is required are two rooms. Two hosts/marshals facilitate the event and the game can be played by up to six people at a time with a time limit of two hours.

We bring everything, from props to notebooks and torches. As well as the fun, expertise, and guarantee that your team or group of family or friends will have an amazing experience.

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Talk to us about our training packages that include a kit lease so you can run our events independently to provide additional outstanding entertainment for your guests.


DS Krystal

Professor Gunder

Alliance League of Thieves Series

DS Krystal Series Games

The Case of the White Dragon

The room you are about to enter is the last known location of DS Krystal. A hotel staff member has reported a body in the room, and the room has been sealed since. You must identify the body, and follow the clues, to unravel the case DS Krystal has been working on, you have one hour, thirty minutes.
Your team will start in the briefing room before progressing to the crime scene. Work together to process the crime scene, identify the victim, solve the case of The White Dragon and locate DS Krystal before it’s too late.

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The Prophet - (Coming Soon)

Ds Krystal is in a race against time before another victim is taken out by the Prophet. Your team must help Krystal track down the Prophet and his Disciples. Work together at the crime scene before the trail goes cold.

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Professor Gunder Series Games

The Pharoah’s Cobra - (Coming Soon)

Norwegian Professor Johann Gunder has recently returned from an archeology trip to Egypt, where it was rumoured, he discovered the golden Cobra of Ramesses II.
You and your team are Professor Gunder’s research team and must find the Cobra before Dr. Pierre Huntington, a disgraced former celebrity architect steals the treasure to sell to through his criminal network of collectors. Dr. Huntington uses brute force and asks questions later with his ex-special force’s operatives’ team.
You have received a message from Professor Gunder who wants you to gain entry to his study and locate the Golden Cobra before Huntington’s team arrives.

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Alliance League of Thieves Series Games

The Heist - (Coming Soon)

You and your team are the world’s most renowned professional thieves in the world. All with different skills you must plan the heist of the century. Gaining access to the Red Vault and stealing the priceless painting “The Gaze”. Do not get caught at any cost and protect the Alliance.

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Lynda W.
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Something to get you thinking and really test your detective skills. A good couple of hours of fun for anyone who likes a challenge.
Suaza K.
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It was an awesome experience that was fun but also thought provoking. Great storyline like something out of CSI. Would highly recommend!! Mark, Blackburn
Zara K.
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Such a fun game thoroughly enjoyed by the whole team! We were engaged and challenged from start to finish with a few giggles in between! Loved it! The brilliant plot, red herrings, fabulous props and game rooms and most of all, the delivery by the friendly organisers set this apart from escape rooms I've visited in the past! Thanks guys!!
Ola A.
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fab night at the mobile mystery puzzle game!!!! #Suspense # Cool crime scene #challenging #cryptic clues #Teamwork #engaging #mental wellbeing ♀️Can't wait to play again


Hen and Stag parties & social events


Plus travelling costs over 50 miles



Plus travelling costs over 50 miles

50% discount on additional games booked on the same day.

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Please provide us with as much detail as possible. One of our team will contact you within 24 hours.