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Important: Our games must be played on a laptop or desktop and cannot be played on a smart phone or tablet.

The action is right here. At The Sanguine Writing House, we deliver a selection of plays from the comfort of your own home. Whatever play you choose, you will enjoy real entertainment with real people while helping those suffering from mental health issues. We aim to deliver not just on entertainment and mental health improvement, but also on giving our Detectives a wider scope of plays to keep you guessing. 

The "Burns Night Tragedy" and our first farce - "Donald Where's your Trousers" have been available since December 2020. Our first original series production T.U.S.K. launched in January 2021 and now has 3 episodes, with a fourth to be released shortly. In Autumn 2021, we expect to have more murder-mysteries and several additional farce-mysteries for you to indulge in and enjoy.