The Inspiration Behind The Sanguine Writing House

The Sanguine Writing House was created as a direct result of the global pandemic and the need to find an alternative to social gatherings. The motivation was both commercial, as this is seen as a long term opportunity to provide alternative entertainment events to the corporate sector and social groups, and to help with current mental health issues caused by isolation and a reduction in social contact. The main writer is based in Glasgow and suffers from depression and therefore addressing issues caused by depression and mental health are a key motivator.

The business is based on the highly innovative skills of a fiction writer and a software engineer. The challenge is to continually create original themes on a regular basis and continuously improve and the develop the prototype platform that has already been developed. The main target market is corporate team building where large companies can use this virtual Murder Mystery platform for bonding and problem solving to build team cohesion. This is a low cost alternative to in-situ events with similar results.

The Sanguine Writing House Team

Phil Buchanan: Sales and Operations

A senior business manager who has been involved at board level in many businesses and business sectors since mid-1990’s. These business sectors include recruitment, renewable energy, healthcare, telecommunications, financial services and software engineering.

Karl Malin: Software Engineer

A software engineer with over 30 years experience both within government and in the private sector. His experience spans, transport infrastructure, aerospace, healthcare, automation systems and applied mathematical algorithms for business.

Vanessa Papilio: Training and Development

A retired school teacher who has vast experience in work scheduling and training and development programs. Her current role is to ensure all staff development and training is up to date, with a focus on continual professional development. 

Pete Smith: Fiction Crime and Murder Mystery Writer

Pete has had a fascination with writing from a very young age. During his informative years he regularly amazed his peers and teachers with his expansive imagination. Pete left school and went to Strathclyde University to study Immunology and Pharmacology in the belief that he would find some role in life in crime investigation within the criminal justice sector.

Dr Pamela Smith: T.U.S.K. Script-Writer

A retired doctor (PhD) whose specialisation was communication with disadvantaged groups and who advised on issues such as accessibility in key customer target groups. Now writing full time on the T.U.S.K. Series.

Stephen Taylor: Sales

Stephen manages the relationship with our corporate clients. Having spent most of his career in senior management positions, Stephen is passionate about helping to build successful, high-functioning teams. Suffering from depression means that Stephen fully understands the importance of practices and techniques that can help mental health in the workplace. Stephen's favourite TSWH game is T.U.S.K 2 - the sense of achievement in cracking the "whodunnit?" and the fun had whilst solving the mystery is immense!

Jessica Barnett: Sales 

With previous experience in Sales, and having a personal battle with anxiety, I am fully committed to using my sales skills and my knowledge of mental health, to help raise awareness of such issues that are not often spoken about. My goal is to spread awareness of how online games can help people who are struggling with mental health, and help companies understand the full effect of how mental health can take a huge impact on their employees. My Favourite game is the reverse T.U.S.K, the excitement of 'creating your own story line' and going head to head with the opposite team to see what they have come up with is unmatched enjoyment to any game I have played before, and I 100% would recommend this!

Adam Doyle: Sales

I have previously worked in mental health, training and Autism Support Services followed by a career in the public sector working across many different funding streams; managing teams to support individuals into employment, skills and training to build resilient and sustainable communities.  Additionally, I have also worked on a national suicide prevention helpline supporting those at crisis.  I also have my own “black dog” and understand what it is like to live with mental ill health on a daily basis.  Recently the world of work has changed and I passionately believe that all companies should do all they can to promote the positive wellbeing of their staff who are working from home.  The Sanguine Writing House is the perfect platform for team building, tackling social isolation and ensuring the positive mental health of teams is promoted and encouraged.