The importance of team building

With the huge increase in working from home, team building has never been more important. Employees who are mostly enjoying the absence of the daily commute are often finding that they miss the office banter, and the camaraderie of breaktimes with colleagues. Effective team-building events can help combat these feelings of detachment and isolation. 

The heart of team building is being together; the practical jokes, the banter, the sneaky little things that are unexpected and that promote laughter and are the talk of the office for the next few days ... and even get brought up in future events. Virtual team building is no different. There might even be a recording of someone's "Embarrassing Moment".

Getting involved in a role-playing detective game with your colleagues is a great way to create a team-building environment virtually. These mystery games will tax everyone's brains in a fun way as they become problem-solvers to work out "whodunnit".

Watch this short video.


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The Sanguine Writing House is going to give game-players the chance to choose their own characters and create their own plots in a team challenge that will push your team-interaction and co-operation to the limit.

Initially, you will watch a "live" TSWH reporter detailing how a serial criminal has been acquitted and therefore escaped punishment for their crimes. Then, you will be presented with full background information about the acquitted criminal, full details of their crimes, and the reasons for their acquittal. At this point, there will be an opportunity for the full group to have an interactive discussion about the information supplied thus far.

The group will then be split into 2 equal teams and these smaller groups will be furnished with a list of 22 Agents who are all part of an anonymous group called T.U.S.K. It is their job to bring criminals who have escaped prosecution to justice.

Each team member will become one of the T.U.S.K. Agents for the duration of the game, and between the 6 chosen Agents, they have to devise a plan to rid the world of the monster who escaped justice! All 6 Agents should have some active part in the plot, from planning to execution.

Each team will, in turn, have the opportunity to question the other team about their proposed solution and try to work out the details and finally, each team will present their plot to eliminate the criminal in question, and the game compère or works manager will decide which team is the winner.

For more information about these new games, or to get a copy of the Agents list prior to playing the game, please email 

Why virtual team-building can be more inclusive.

The ideal team building event is fun and inclusive; however, whilst a high ropes course might seem a wonderful idea, many people have fears of heights; potholing might seem like fun, but many people are claustrophobic; team watersports are great for some, but what about those of us who have a fear of water or who cannot swim? So how do you cater for all staff when it comes to team building when there is such a diverse desire among those who you are trying to accommodate? Not all events would be fun for all. Plus, of course, there’s the unpredictability of outside factors such as the weather and traffic congestion.

In virtual events the rain, thunderstorms, wind and the heat of the sun don't affect us, and the traffic has no impact. We can still spend time with our colleagues whilst having fun.

Enter "The Sanguine Writing House". Playable anywhere, those who commute to the office can take part just as easily as those who are still working from home, bringing colleagues together in manageable groups of 12 to enjoy the escapism of a mystery-style game. You might be deciding who killed the piper, or who stole Donald’s trousers … but the fun in unraveling the clues is the same, as can be defending your character against accusations of committing some heinous crime! All played from the comfort of either your office desk or your home workspace.

Why use The Sanguine Writing House for your team building?

  • A professional production team (enjoy listening to the tswh reporters, reflections from "beyond the grave", sound tracks to enhance enjoyment, or even deliver clues and red herrings, and a game compère)

  • Multiple events across many genres including traditional Murder Mysteries, Detective Mysteries, Role-Playing Events, Fun-Filled-Farces, Crime Dramas and intriguing Crime Investigation Series.

  • Professional compères take control of all games ensuring maximum enjoyment and interaction amongst the players and teams, with smooth transions between Scenes and Acts, and managed breaks. All game players get the chance to voice their opinion on the investigation. (Compères can be replaced by an internal development/training manager where appropriate)
  • Structured intervals between Acts and Scenes can be used for specific company training in form of quizzes, video clips, competitions and ice breakers in addition to the normal topping-up of drinks and comfort-breaks.

  • Fun, laughter, intrigue, problem-solving, investigations and player interactions all require higher-level-thinking, concentration and co-operation, strengthening bonds between members of the group. These developed team bonds will help in the development of individuals and the achievement of group goals. Successful teams are more productive than individual contributors. 

If you require any further information about any of our events, or to enquire about booking team-building events for your company, please contact us on