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Addressing Mental Health through Game Play

We are looking for mental health charities and charitable trusts to partner with to support our efforts in targeting positive remedies to mental health issues;

What we Offer:

  • A FREE table of 12 to try our offering.
  • 50% discount on standard table price to their patients / clients and members
  • A share of the donations made to our charity partners.

What we want in return:

  • Permission to display your logo on our website (as a supporting organisation or Charity)
  • A statement from you stating your experience of how "mental health can be improved through play"


  • a free table in return for agreeing to a partnership with TSWH. You will get a share of our charitable donations, and we display your logo on our website and have a quote from you on how our games can help the mental health of your clients”

T.U.S.K. Episode 2 Actual Live Footage

TUSK 1 game play clip

TUSK 1 game play clip

Awards Trailer

Couples Night Out

T.U.S.K. 1 Trailer

Mental Health and Problem Solving

A Mental Health expert Peter Tarbuck, who advocates positive actions and problem solving as major factors in mental well being, recorded this short video on this specific subject. The Sanguine Writing House role playing detective mystery games require positive thinking and problem solving to ascertain who the culprit is and solve the puzzle.

Peter launched a private group on Facebook where he tells his story about dealing with mental health and encourages conversation to create positive outcomes. Peter created the video below to emphasise the importance of problem-solving and using the brain to combat mental health issues, which endorses our Role-Playing Detecive Mystery games in helping Mental Health Issues.

Please watch this video, and if you're interested in joining Peter's private Facebook group, all details of how to do this are after the video.

On his private Facebook group, Peter says “Back when I was a kid, probably about 9 or 10. The bullying started. Skeletor they called me. Goofy they called me. Spekky they called me. Clarke Kent they called me. It wasn’t physical bullying, it was mental. Every day. For months, and months, years in fact. Other kids thought it was ok. I tried to give it them back but deep down it hurt. A lot. 

*****The Full Story available to group members*****

Don’t suffer in silence. Talk. Talk talk talk. It helps, trust me. ... Enjoy the good times. Stay humble and be kind, always.”

     Peter Tarbuck

 To request to join Peter's private Facebook group where you can read Peter’s story in full, email Peter on

Team Building with tswh

TV Interview

In this special tv interview, Sanguine's Phil Buchanan discusses the positive effects of the plays on mental health


A Live Game Clip

Welcome To T.U.S.K.

Read our latest Newsletter

Dear Detectives,

Greetings from The Sanguine Writing House.

Welcome to our report update. I am your friendly sidekick Nate Lee reporting for duty.

This is where you investigate the latest at TSWH. Each occurence will be known here as a Case and, as our trusted Detectives, you can read all about them on your report update.

Here are your Case briefings: 

Case 1:

Britain's Got Talent finalist Danny Posthill

Spotted on the Britain's Got Talent stage in 2015, suspect Danny Posthill was seen entertaining judges Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Aleisha Dixon and Amanda Holden, hosts Ant & Dec, weekly live audiences and millions of viewers at home doing voices of other people. At TSWH, we need your help to find him. If you see him in one of our online mysteries, kindly inform us via your favourite social media platform and tag us in it. You might win a VIP Detective's table for you and your friends.

Case 2:

Interview with Nick Ronald

On Tuesday, Commissioner Buchanan had a chat with copywriter and marketing consultant Nick Ronald, author of Secret Influence TV: Communicate and Persuade with Power. The Commissioner talks about a the story of TSWH, mental health, COVID and lockdown, himself and his team (including your very own sidekick), among others. 

Click here to see the video evidence.

Case 3:

Sanguine Singles

Single Detctives can now find and chat to other Single Detectives with the help of TSWH. Sanguine Singles gets you in the mood to go on the look-out for a Detective Partner who may become your partner in crime (hopefully not literally or we will have to apprehend you!). It costs just £10 and it gets you access to a platform where you try to solve the mystery of your fellow Detective.

For more information, email Commissioner Buchanan: (

And there you have it. Three Cases for your Private Eyes, enough for you to keep you from standing on ceremony. Let's look lively. Dismissed!

Your sidekick,

Nate Lee

TUSK 30-003-2021

T.U.S.K. Teaser

Can you solve the murder mystery?

Video Competition

Conditions of Entry:

  • Anyone who has played a tswh mystery game.
  • The video must be no more than 30 seconds.
  • It must be a review of their experience.
  • It must be in mp4 format.

Every month the management team and partner organisations will judge the videos submitted and select a winner. (Example video below.)

Prize Breakdown:

  • 1st Prize: £100
  • 2nd Prize: £50
  • 3rd Prize: £25

The winner will be notified by the 7th of the month following competition.

Please email your entries to ... good luck!

Earn money and help improve mental health

The Sanguine Writing House have now launched a seller scheme. By signing up for the seller scheme you will be paid 20% of all booked events that you introduce to The Sanguine Writing House.

Seller scheme details:

Every new seller will be issued with a unique code (e.g. Philb2005). If TSWH take a booking for any game play event, then we will pay the seller a 20% commission every Friday following the completion of the fully paid game.

On signing up for the game, we will request your full details including I.D. and verified bank account and then issue you with a unique identifier code. The rest is up to you.

An additional 5% will be paid to Mental health charities.

Please indicate interest by emailing or by calling Phil on 07488240134

Donald, Where's Your Trousers - Duet.

"Will" (Alex) and "Caroline" (Pam) singing a duet during the gameplay.

Singing During Gameplay

First up, we have singer and ukulele player Fiona singing an English version of "La Vie en Rose".

And now we have Jacob singing acapella, "Over the Hills and Far Away".

A Quote by Elise Micheals

"We have lost the idea of how to play! The more we play the more we explore the nature of who we really are"

TUSK 1 game play clip

TUSK 1 game play clip

TUSK 1 game play clip

A Burns` Night Tragedy

T.U.S.K. 2 Trailer

Donald Trailer