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Heir to Dunbars Delicious Sweets

Clan Dunbar

A Lowlands Scottish clan of Celtic origin.

Earliest records of the name date back to a Bernician family living in the ancient Scotland barony of Dunbar, on the North Sea coast near Edinburgh, where they held a family seat since the 11th century, when Cospatrick was deprived of his Earldom of Northumberland by William the Conqueror, and fled to Scotland. The place name comes from the Gaelic words “dùn” meaning a fort, and “barr” meaning top or summit.



Dunbar, Grandchild of the owner of Dunbar’s Delicious Sweets

Number of Lines: Lower

What the world Knows about their Company:

Clan Dunbar has been making fantastic confectionary for generations, they have been supplying the Scottish people with sweet treats from their company “Dunbar’s Delicious sweets”. While some have tried, no one can truly compete with their vast selection at reasonable prices

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