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Fisheries Owner

Clan Macdonald

A Highlands Scottish clan, Earliest historical records point to the 1100s, where the warrior Somerled secured dominion over the Western Isles for Clan Donald. A century later, their lands grew when Robert the Bruce granted Clan Donald more territory on the mainland including Lochaber and Glencoe.For nearly 400 years, Clan Donald ruled the western Highlands, Hebrides, Islands of Scotland and County Antrim of Northern Ireland– their land and power stretched so wide that it was only second to the Kings of Scotland and England. This gravitas gifted the Donald Clan Chief the title of Lord of the Isles (Triath nan Eilean or Rìgh Innse Gall in Scottish Gaelic).



MacDonald, Founder and owner of MacDonald Fisheries

Number of Lines: Average 


What the world Knows about their Company:

Macdonald Fisheries is a well established family business that is becoming more widely known across the entirety of Scotland, with regular deliveries being made as far as Newcastle when required. As this growth continues, they appear to be a sound investment in the future of Scottish fish.

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