The Butcher Go

A clever prospect in early life with no apparent desire to be an academic, straight from school this individual became an apprentice in a butcher shop. This was only one potential career path as all things creative came easily to this talented youth.

This apprenticeship led to some 10 years in the trade and, being ambitious, the butcher now owns a small independent firm with a few shops dotted about the country.

Big, stocky, with red hair, the butcher relishes being able to wear a somewhat bloody apron as part of their day job. 

On the surface, they may come across as being slow or not the 'brightest crayon in the box' and one who doesn't really understand inuendo. This impression is intensified by their cockney accent and use of rhyming slang. However, they are actually a very shrewd and calculating individual that understands far more than they let on.