The Electrician Go

The Electrician has been qualified for many years and loves pottering about with new gadgets, especially those with electrical circuits and new fangled technology.  They could be described as muscular but not bulky. They are good looking and charming - could charm the birds out the trees. They make friends easily but don't make any effort to keep them - unless they're useful. 

They like to compete in natural bodybuilding events but not those where anabolic steroids are rife and body size is unnatural and hideous. Rather where the emphasis is on a well-toned body with strength to match.

This Agent first came to enjoy the shared passion of the organisation when a family member was bullied for 'protection' money and the consequences of being unable to pay resulted in that family member losing a finger. The Electrician discovered they had quite a talent for wreaking revenge in a quiet, discreet manner.

Things blossomed from there and though they haven't the highest of kill tallies, they feel satisfied that those they have managed to bump are not likely to be sorely missed; the world is better off without them. The Electrician always carries a small kit containing a multitool, grease, a rag, and a knife.