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The Victim


Saul is an immoral, greedy, selfish man. His family origanlly hailed from somewhere in the middle east. He is 5ft 8, with olive skin, dark eyes and grey hair.

He believes himself to be charming and a real catch. He is on his third wife. His first wife was killed in an unfortunate automobile accident and the second died when the light aircraft she was flying in went down over the atlantic.

For many years now, this heinous man has been embezzelling funds intended for victims of natural disasters.  He actively believes in engaging new employees based on their performance on the casting couch. He has an alter ego which he cultivates widely, showing up at charitable events such as fundraisers and ensures that the compere at these events blows his trumpet so he does not appear to do so to the extent that the world thinks he is a philanthropist and good guy.