The Judge Go
Judge and Criminal Lawyer

One of the founding members of T.U.S.K., The Judge is part of a committee of 13 judges, whose responsibility it is to review proposals from other T.U.S.K. agents, regarding potential targets for extermination. 

The Judge is also a successful criminal lawyer and has worked both prosecution and defense. They have in fact recruited a number of the T.U.S.K. agents after first encountering them in court. 

The Judge is also responsible for upholding the T.U.S.K. code of conduct, in particular the rule which states that any member of this exclusive club who gets caught whilst engaged in an assignment must themselves be terminated.  The usual method of termination is a "suicide capsule”. It is the role of the Judge to appoint a legal representative to visit the arrested agent in their place of incarceration. Once there, they will explain the options to the arrestee - do away with themselves or to be done away with. 

Tall and sophisticated, this player is the epitome of good taste in all aspects of dress and belongings. They could only be described as upstanding, honest and solid.

The Judge does not tolerate fools and believes that a punishment should fit the crime. When they first came up with the notion of T.U.S.K., they were uncertain as to whether it would work. After many months of debate and planning, and a good deal of thinking of logistics and practicalities, The Judge and their associates launched T.U.S.K. Small at first, it now comprises some 12 agents and 6 assistance agents.

The Judge's hobbies include squash, travel, learning about new gadgets, reading and cooking - particularly steaks.