The Mechanic Go

The Mechanic loves all engines, bikes, cars, planes, yachts, they love them all. They are adept with all kinds of machinery.

They could be described as well built but not fat - big boned. They are quite grubby in appearance as they are always in overalls with a greasy rag hanging out their pocket. They keep their hair extremely short so its out the way. They always chew gum.

They like to compete in natural bodybuilding events but not those where anabolic steroids are rife and body size is unnatural and hideous. Rather where the emphasis is on a well toned body with strength to match.

They have keen eyesight and superb hearing, are a member of a gun club and compete in archery competitions. When not working on engines, they like to be outside birdwatching.

The Mechanic's hobbies are tinkering with engines of any description, boat, bike, car, plane.