Doctor Buchanan Go

Clan Buchanan:

Clan Buchanan (Scottish Gaelic: Na Cananaich) a Scottish Clan from the highlands, whose origins have been said to lie in the 1225 grant of lands on the eastern shore of Loch Lomond to clergyman Sir Absalon by the Earl of Lennox. The clan name Buchanan is potentially derived from one of three sources:- From the Gaelic Boghchanon - meaning “low ground belonging to the Canon” - From Mac-a-Chanonaich, meaning “Son of the Canon” - From the place name Bothchanian, meaning “The Canon’s seat”.



Doctor Buchanan, University Academic & Lecturer in Literature

Number of Lines: Higher

What the world Knows about them:

Doctor Buchanan is the host for tonight’s gathering, they have been studying and lecturing to students at the university, their current interest is the romantic movement (roughly 1770-1846AD). Having decided to host a Burns night of their own, Dr. Buchanan has invited many of the largest businesses and Scottish exporters together to truly celebrate the spirit of the “Bard of Ayrshire” himself.

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