The Accountant Go

The Accountant has an unusual accent borne of their parents' extensive travel. It is hard to pin down but most people believe it to be English with traces of German. 

As a direct result of travelling, The Accountant appears to lack of savvy and could easily be described as not the most worldly wise of individuals, and one who doesn't really understand inuendo.

For this reason they may come across as being slow or not the 'brightest crayon in the box'.

However, The Accountant is actually a very shrewd and calculating individual that understands far more than they let on. The Accountant appears to be quiet and thoughtful and likes nothing better than tinkering with a spreadsheet.

A person of a small, thin stature, with dark, unruly curly hair who works for a large firm in the city. The Accountant's hobbies are reading about true crime, solving mathematical equations, and sampling unusual whiskies.