Richardson Go
Former Private eye – writer of a forensic heavy crime novel

What the world sees:

As both a former cop and a former private eye, Richardson has had their name in the tabloids a few times, mostly for their recent spell of digging up dirt on so called “Z-list” celebrities. In a change of pace from their usual line of work, it seems Richardson has decided to “go straight” as it were and use all their acquired experience from this chequered past to write a gripping realistic mystery of a detective using modern forensic techniques to follow along an all but impossible  to see trail and find the culprit.

Rated 8/10 and described by reviewers as “gripping”, “terrifyingly realistic” and “it will make you think twice before ever taking a trip through a dark alley again!”, the only criticism being the “killer” manages to evade capture at the end, making the need for a sequel seem a little too intentional and, some might say, desperate.