The Priest Go


The priest is a former burglar who having served time at Her Majesty’s pleasure now claims to have found religion whilst inside.

They say they feel remorse for the heartache they have caused their victims by stealing personal items and keepsakes just for fun.

A wiry bespectacled individual, they have a thin, mean face with some acne scars from their youth.


T.U.S.K. Agent List


Roles Associated

Additional Notes


Examining/Researching future clients, Chairs at TUSK Meetings

There are 13 Judges at TUSK.
They form the committee at the very top. Below only the director.

The Academic

Scholarly roles, Legal advisement

Has several degree level qualifications
Including general science & anatomy, Human rights, banking & financial law

The Butcher

Body disposal, Surgical skills, Locksmith

Former surgeon, has own shop as cover.

The Gardener

Herbalism, horticulture, medicines, poisons, body disposal

Grows several unique and dangerous plants,

The Chemist

Chemical reagents, explosives, Body disposal, chemistry


The Lifer

Contacts, informants, disguises, IT systems, Locksmith

Lifetime criminal, experienced at behind scenes police habits,

The Acrobat

Disguises, climbing, Stealth,


The Surgeon

Surgical skills, Chemistry, Herbalism,


The Priest

Religion, disguises, scholarly roles,


The Sparky

Electricity, IT systems, Mechanic,


The Dentist

First aid, explosives, poisons,

Smiles a bit too much.

The Journalist

Useful spotter, generally to be seen with a camera, and blends into the background





Assistance Agents



The Forger

Identities, Locksmith, Blacksmith,


The Hacker

IT Systems, information gathering, research, planningThe

Has too many cats.

The Driver

Safe passage, Deliveries, Stakeouts, Mechanic


The Doctor

Medicines, poisons, First aid


The Average

Disguises, distraction, stakeouts, deliveries, love interest,

Such an ‘average Jo’ that they are quite unmemorable!

The High Ranking Detective

Source of insider info post removal



All Characters portrayed in this episode are part of the inner circle and members of T.U.S.K.