The Lifer Go

The Lifer lived a very cloak and dagger existence during college years. Raised by grandparents (their grandfather was a leading politician and recognised as a significant public figure). On the surface, the role of exemplary student was portrayed to family and friends. However, this hid a very dark secret underneath that shining exterior.

A secret drug dealer, and always a person of interest to the police every time a petty crime was committed.

Eventually, they were implicated in a cocaine shipment and subsequently arrested and charged for significant involvement. After serving time, a return to finish studying led to them becoming a successful trader of financial products with many satisfied clients. This persona is solid and there has been no reason to question their current status as a pillar of society. Now a traveller around the country to display living proof that you can turn your life around with desire and commitment, they engage in motivational speaking.

 In the course of their motivational speaking appointments they often come in contact with influential people who would be otherwise difficult to reach.