The Academic Go
University Lecturer


The Acedemic is a rich individual, coming from a banking background, who got out of the rat race unscathed and with an abundance of assets.

Becoming a lecturer was an obvious, if not predictable choice, as there could be no doubting what had been achieved through study and with their 'real world' experience' to draw on.

A massive personality endorsed by a big loud voice, an eerie piercing stare and a reverberating rustic laugh.

The ability to create meticulous and specific plans, backed up by incredible detail makes The Academic a valuable asset.  In fact this attention to detail is nothing short of mesmerising. Th eAcademic was never slow in declaring humble beginnings and a meteoric rise from poverty to a bully of humility. They hold themselves up as a strong proponent of human rights. Their expert in legalise also makes them useful when an agent who has been arrested requires a visit.