Douglas Go
Hotel Owner

Clan Douglas

A prominent lowlands Scottish clan, who took their name from Douglas
in Lanarkshire, which comes from the Gaelic elements:
 “dubh” meaning dark or black and “glas” meaning stream

The first historical record of the Douglas name was William, Lord of Douglas in 1175

The Douglas Clan had territories throughout the Scottish Borders, Angus, Lothian, Moray & also outside the UK in France & Sweden.


Douglas, Family Owner of the Glencrest Hotel

Number of Lines: Average


What the world Knows about their Company:

The Glencrest hotel opened its doors only 10 years ago and since then has become a highly regarded hotspot for all visitors to the shores. Owned by the Douglas Family, their diligence and hospitality offered has granted their hotel a recent interview with a national newspaper. Although it did not lead to a glowing review, the Glencrest Hotel is viewed as one of the best in the entire country.

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