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Puzzled by the training options for your team? Unable to find the answer to effective team building? Trying to unlock the solution to your team’s wellbeing? We have the solution, insightful and dynamic team events, training, and mental health awareness to help you put all the pieces into place.


We provide online and in-person team building, team training, and mental health awareness training. All of our products are interchangeable and can be bolted together for a bespoke package.
Zodiac Mystery games for team building, team orientation, and recruitment. Astral Team training is a vehicle for building stronger, more focused dynamic teams. Celestial Mental Health provides insightful and dynamic mental health awareness for individuals, we can also arrange Mental Health First Aid for teams and individuals. Thrive has been developed for education staff, and teaches strategies to recognise the impact of our workload on our mental wellbeing for staff and leaders.

We are here for all teams, however they need us, whenever they need us.



Lynne - Impact Group
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I genuinely loved it! It was nice to see how we all fit together as a team.
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I really enjoyed the storyline and truly believe these virtual game nights will bring joy to a lot of people around the world
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The game is extremely fun, I loved the experience and I think it is a great way to stay in touch with friends and have a great time, especially in this situation.
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A little out of my ordinary but my did I have fun with The Sanguine Writing House mystery. "Donald. Where's Your Trousers!". The other participants in the zoom mystery were amazing, funny & so welcoming. I guessed the culprit!
GN - Resound
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It's a great way of getting people online together to play

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