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The Sanguine Writing House

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The Sanguine Writing House  provide a unique platform for teams & businesses, providing a fresh new way of staying connected.

The Sanguine family is a passionate group of people from different backgrounds with one common aim which is to provide a unique and innovative product, that aids and promotes positive mental health. This is a team where everybody’s voice counts, and although there are set roles everybody put two hands on the wheel.


We are the UK’s foremost provider of online and hosted Murder Mystery, Team Building and Strategy games. With our ethos firmly rooted in promoting positive Mental Health we strive to enable individuals and teams to improve and maintain Mental Well Being. With so many people working from home it is important more than ever that we proactively tackle social isolation, promote inclusivity and build better relationships and communication with each other. Our games are a fun and laughter filled way of keeping people connected, balancing their Mental Wellbeing and providing a welcome distraction from the world around us.

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Lynne - Impact Group
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I genuinely loved it! It was nice to see how we all fit together as a team.
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I really enjoyed the storyline and truly believe these virtual game nights will bring joy to a lot of people around the world
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The game is extremely fun, I loved the experience and I think it is a great way to stay in touch with friends and have a great time, especially in this situation.
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A little out of my ordinary but my did I have fun with The Sanguine Writing House mystery. "Donald. Where's Your Trousers!". The other participants in the zoom mystery were amazing, funny & so welcoming. I guessed the culprit!
GN - Resound
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It's a great way of getting people online together to play

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